Our Team

Our Team

The Trust central office is comprised of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and centralised Finance, HR, Governance and administrative functions.  The central office is also the home of the STEP Teaching School.  The SLT oversees support across the Trust schools and works very closely with the Trust’s Head Teachers and the Local Governing Bodies.

Gareth Nelmes

Chief Executive Officer

Gareth is the CEO for the Trust; taking an overview of all areas of work. He is supported by a diverse team of leading professionals. He is a National Leader of Education, qualified as an Executive Head Teacher through Manchester University and has set up and ran STEP Teaching School Alliance since its formation in 2014.

David Sargent

Chief Operating Officer

After 13 years in the Royal Navy, serving as a Logistics Officer and Purser both in the UK and in support of operations around the world, David started his second career as a School Business Manager in 2012. He has managed school support functions in three secondary schools and managed HR Casework support across education and social care settings in a busy inner city council.

Dean Pomeroy

Director of Primary Schools

Dean is responsible for the school support and quality assurance functions across the primaries. He is a serving National Leader of Education and Pupil Premium Reviewer. Dean has extensive experience across the education sector as a former Outstanding HT, Education Director, Local Authority consultant Headteacher and Ofsted inspector.

Lauren Gray

HR Manager

James Tickle

Director of Secondary Schools

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